EXTENDED WARRANTEES: After purchasing your new investment, why not get that added piece of mind with one of our Quality Automotive Warranties. Westend Automotive offers a wide range of warranties to suite your needs and budget. Our Warranties are Valid all over North America. For more information please call one of our qualified Automotive Warranty agents at  613-836-6786

This year marks Coast to Coast Dealer Services 20th anniversary of backing the best vehicle protection plans in the industry; Repair centres are located throughout Canada and the U.S. Payment is made directly to the repair facility. Warranties are transferable and renewable.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection


Our Number 1 Selling Program. We have the most Powertrain plans available in the industry to meet the niche needs of any dealer, to be extremely competitive on price and coverage.

Powertrain New:

A unique new concept. A Powertrain warranty that begins from the vehicles Original In-Service Date with 0 kilometres, and provides Powertrain coverage for up to 84 months / 160,000 kilometres including Seals & Gaskets for less than the price of a 24 month/unlimited kilometre Powertrain.

Engine & Transmission:

Long coverage plans with high kilometre allowances, at inexpensive prices. Covers the two most expensive parts of a vehicle, the engine and the transmission. Applies to any vehicle less than 10 years old.


Non-Powertrain coverage, for customers who swear they never have Powertrain problems. When the big heavy Powertrain parts are not covered the warranty costs less. If there is Manufacturers Powertrain warranty remaining on the vehicle, this program tops up the coverage, to bring it closer to the Manufacturers original Full Warranty.

Optima Pre-Owned:

An excellent, comprehensive program for those conscientious customers. The majority of all vehicles qualify purely based on their years and kilometres. A vehicle does not need any Manufacturers Warranty, there are no vehicle class qualifications; you simply get excellent, comprehensive coverage, starting from the date of sale, for the full term of the selected plan.

3-60 / 5-100:

A hot spin on the incredible Optima Pre-Owned program. The auto industry has imprinted the 3-60 / 5-100 term into the minds of consumers as the standard to which new vehicles are protected. This program is designed to take that new vehicle strength and apply it to the pre-owned market. It works just as you would think; full Optima Pre-Owned coverage for 3-60, with full Powertrain coverage for 5-100. Best of all, it starts from the date of sale; its a full new vehicle type warranty on a pre-owned vehicle. Dealers with car lots full of vehicles without Manufacturers warranties, whether due to age, kilometres, or U.S.A. vehicles (which lose their warranty when crossing the border), have used this program to promote the fact that their vehicles come with a 3-60 / 5-100 warranty!

Optima New:

Optima stands for excellent coverage at affordable rates. Optima New applies our most similar coverage to the Manufacturers original Full Warranty, providing expanded coverage surpassing the manufacturers terms, for up to 7 years or 160,000 kilometres. Plans begin from the vehicles original In-Service Date with 0 kilometres, and apply to vehicle with at least one day and one kilometre remaining on the Manufacturers Powertrain warranty.

Optima Wrap:

Please Contact Westend Automotive for plan details and costs for your used car warranty.

Just as automobile insurance protects you from unexpected expenses caused by accidents, an insured Vehicle Service Agreement protects you from unexpected expenses caused by mechanical failures. With CoverageOne it’s easy. Just select the level of coverage you want, and the length of protection available for your vehicle.


Eliminates concern about the durability of major drivetrain assemblies and components.


Guards you and your family by providing additional coverage for critical safety and comfort parts.


Stands vigilant over your vehicle’s most essential components.


The peak of perfection for specified component coverage that protects against the high cost of commonly required repairs.


Maximum coverage! Virtually every mechanical part is covered except for those excluded under the General Provisions section of our agreement.

Every level of CoverageOne protection includes these benefits:


In the event of a covered breakdown, we will pay up to forty-five dollars per day for up to six days (a maximum of two hundred seventy dollars), for each repair visit. This covers expenses to rent a replacement vehicle, if the covered vehicle is required to be at a repair facility overnight or is awaiting parts delivery.


If a covered breakdown occurs more than one hundred sixty kilometres from home which results in a repair facility keeping the vehicle overnight, we will pay up to seventy-five dollars per day for up to three days, for a maximum of two hundred twenty-five dollars (per occurrence), for motel/hotel and restaurant expenses.


In the event the covered vehicle’s tire(s) incur damage from a road hazard, we will pay up to twenty dollars for each tire repair or if non-repairable, up to one hundred dollars for each tire replacement. Exclusions and limitations apply; please see our agreement for details.


In the event the covered vehicle is disabled, we will pay up to seventy-five dollars per occurrence for towing. We also provide 24-hour roadside assistance. Coverage is limited to one occurrence per disablement.


If keys for the covered vehicle are lost, broken or accidentally locked inside, we will pay up to fifty dollars for locksmith services and also provide 24-hour lost key/lockout assistance.